Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to Know Forgotten Password of Lenovo Windows 10 Laptop

" I just recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 today, everything was working fine until I restarted my Laptop. It kept coming up with "Incorrect Password" and asked me to reset it. So I reset my password and tried again, however it wouldn't work so I reset my password a couple more times and tried again yet it wouldn't work. I attempted logging in offline however that wouldn't work either. I looked around online for some help and found that "This is not me" helped others with their passwords, however on my laptop there is no such thing. Please help with this as I can't find any more solutions for this. "

So you forgot Windows 10 administrator password and get locked out of your PC/laptop/tablet? Don’t worry when you are stuck at the login screen. This article will help you out. It shows some tricks on how to know forgotten password of Lenovo Windows 10 laptop. You can't miss it.

Method 1: Know Windows 10 Password with Memory

If you are sure that the password is right, but the computer keep hinting that your Windows 10 password is incorrect. At this time, you need to remember it again. Sometimes, it is possible that you type a new password but you forget it. The password is able to combine with numbers and letters. What you need to do is to remind it in specific with your memory. This is not so easy, I know. However, suppose that you remind a little clue, then it will be of great importance to help you remind the correct password again and again. Therefore, you can remind the password at first, instead of paying anything else. But of course, it will take time to do that.

Method 2: Know Password with Windows 10 Password Hint

If you have set up the password hint when you create the Windows account and password, you can activate this magic password hint within a while. This password hint is appeared while you type the wrong password. The password hint is of great significance to know your password because it is created by yourself. Whether you know the Windows 10 password or not, it depends on this password hint.
Consequently, you have to try your best to remind login password with this magic hint. It maybe your couple's birthday, your family member's name or other special numbers, letters or specific symbol.

Well, that's all about how to know password forgotten password of Lenovo Windows 10 laptop, but if the above methods don't work to you at all, you can actually try to remove or reset the password. You don't have to know the password in order to enter Windows 10, you can just to reset it and then use the new password to login Lenovo computer as usual. So try to use the software like Windows Password Key, it is an effective option to help with Lenovo Windows 10 login password issue. What's more, it supports all Windows operating systems and all PC brands.

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