Friday, October 24, 2014

How to Install Windows 10 Technical Preview the Easy and Safe Way?

Microsoft has finally released the Technical Preview of its latest Windows version- so called Windows 10. It is said that this new OS is designed to make up for the failure of Windows 8 and integrate the perfect features in Windows 8 and Windows 7. You want to have a try? Here I will show you how to install it easily and safely. 

Part 1: Windows 10 Technical Preview Installment Requirement:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
Free hard disk space: 16 GB
Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
Others: A Microsoft account and Internet access

Part 2: What’s to Be Done Before The Installation?

1. Backup your entire system. 
This will help you get back to your previous system in case of failing to install Windows 10 Technical Preview. So don’t forget to do this.

2. Backup your data. 
If you don’t want to risk losing your data in your computer you’d better to make a copy of your important data on a removed disk or another spare PC.

3. Ensure you have access to the drivers and applications you need. 
Drivers for basic functions like storage, networking, input, and display come with Windows. These drivers allow you to complete the Windows installation and connect to the Internet. Thus it is essential to backup the drivers. Some applications you use most like Microsoft office is also important. So bear in mind to keep offline installers for these applications.   

Part 3: How to Install Windows 10 Technical Preview:

Considering the safety of your computer I introduce a better option to install the OS-running it on a virtual machine that won't affect your system in any way (except for occupying some space on the hard drive). Let’s go over it step by step:

Step 1: Download ISO of the Technical Preview Preview from Microsoft website. Please choose the appropriate version (32 bit or 64 bit) according to your computer. There is one thing you must to do after downloading it-checking the ISO integrity. You can perform it by using the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity verifier if your computer runs on Windows. 

Step 2: Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox

Step 3: Run Virtual Box, then click the “New” icon. In the Create Virtual Machine dialog box, type "Windows 10," then click the version selector and choose Windows 8.1 (making sure to match the ISO you downloaded: 32- or 64-bit). Then click “Next”
create virtual machine

Step 4: A window like below will come up. Follow the instruction in the window and continue. 
choose memory size

Step 5: Then select "Create a virtual hard drive" and click Create. Accept VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) as the file type for the drive, and then choose an appropriate size for the virtual drive. Finally, click Create, then VirtualBox will build your virtual drive.

Step 6: After the process completes, click the Start button in the VirtualBox toolbar. You'll see a box guide you to "Select start-up disk." Click the little file folder next to the pull-down, then navigate to the Windows 10 ISO file you downloaded in Step 1. Then click Start. 

Step 7: Choose the "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)" option when it presents itself. As usual, the setup process may involve a few reboots.

After finishing all the steps above you’re supposed to start Windows 10 on your computer. Just go to explore the new features you have interest in.         

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How to Reset a Forgotten Toshiba Password on Windows 7 the Easiest Way?

“I forgot Windows 7 password on my Toshiba laptop. I searched on the Internet. Many answers says that I need a Windows 7 recovery disk or another administrative account. But I don’t have either. What can I do?” This is a common question among Toshiba users.

It is known to most of us that the easiest way to unlock Windows 7 password is a password reset disk. Unfortunately many people don't know how to create a recovery disk Windows 7 in advance or they just forget to do this. So they often get into the trouble of forgetting the password. Luckily, there are many programs available to burn a Windows 7 password reset disk after forgetting the password. Here I will introduce an easy-to-use program to recover password Windows 7 on Toshiba.

Reset Windows 7 password( on Toshiba with Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is one of the most popular Windows password breaker tools in the market. It is able to reset local or domain passwords on Windows 7. Of course it also supports the other OS like Windows 8/XP/Vista and Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2). What's more, it can reset passwords on almost all brands of computers. So you must think that this powerful tool will perform complex steps and cost much time to reset the passwords? You're completely wrong. It just takes 3 steps and 3 minutes to make it.

How to Reset Toshiba Password on Windows 7 with Windows Password Key(

Difficulty: Easy
Requirement: An accessible computer; a blank CD, DVD or USB
Time: 4 minutes

Step 1: Download Windows Password Key in a PC that you have access to, and then install it.

Step 2: Run the program, insert a CD/DVD or USB drive to the computer, select the target CD/DVD/USB drive and then click Burn to start the process of burning. Then you are supposed to see the "burning successfully" window pop-up, which indicates that a bootable recovery disk for Windows 7 is created successfully.
burn a password reset disk with Windows Password Key

Step 3: Boot your locked Toshiba computer and then press "F2" to get into the bios mode. Set the computer boot from the Windows 7 recovery disk and then save the changes. After that Windows Password key will initialize and you can select the target account to reset the password. 
Here is a video guide for you:

Assuming that you finish the process smoothly you will login without a password.

1. If you can't get into the bios mode by pressing "F2" please contact the manufacturer about the instructions on how to get into the bios mode.

2. After you complete the whole process, remember to remove the password reset disk. Or else the computer will boot from it again.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

4 Workable Solutions You Need to Know if Forgot Dell Password on Windows 7

I have heard that many people complain about forgetting their Dell password on Windows 7.  How does this come about? This is a difficult question to answer. However you can learn to how to cope with it in time. Here I will share 4 workable solutions to reset Dell password on Windows 7 with you. But keep in mind that you must read the notes first before following the solutions below.
forgot dell password on windows 7

Solution 1: Reset Dell password with a previous created Windows 7 password reset disk

As far as I’m concerned, a Dell password reset disk is the best way to prevent you from forgetting your password. Thus when you install a new system in your computer you’d better to remember to create a password reset disk. If you have no password reset disk at hand, don’t worry, you can turn to the solutions below.

1. Start your locked Dell computer. Enter the wrong password at the login box, and then Windows will display a message that the password is incorrect. Click “OK” to close the message. After that you will see “Reset password” under the login box, click it and then insert the password reset disk you have created.

2. Follow the instructions in the “Password Reset Wizard” to create a new password.

3. After you finish the steps above you are supposed to log on with the new password.

Note: This method requires that you have created a password reset disk before you have lost the login password.

Solution 2: Logon with another administrator account to remove Dell password Windows 7

If you can log in to your Dell computer with another administrator account then you can continue in this solution.

1. Log on with another administrator account or account which has administration authority to remove Dell password on the other accounts.

2. Click the “Start” button, type “lusrmgr.msc” in the Search box and then press “ENTER”. ‌ Then you will get into “Local Users and Groups”.

3. Double-click “Local Users and Groups”, and then click “Users”.

4. Right-click the target account which you want to remove the password for, and then click “Set Password”. Type and confirm the new password.

5. Assuming that you have completed the operations above then you will login with the newly created account.

Solution 3: Reset Windows 7 password on Dell from Safe Mode

As is known to us, Windows 7 system has a built-in administrator account that is created during Windows installation and disabled by default, which has no password in it. You need to enable the built-in Administrator account first. If not, you will not succeed.

Step 1: Start your computer and pressF8. Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt with the arrow key and press Enter.Then your computer will get into Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Step 2: Select the Administrator account appearing on the screen, then enter command prompt. Type: net user “****** 123456” and enter (****** is the account name and 123456 is the new password), then a message–“the command completed successfully” will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Restart your win 7 computer, then you can log in as ****** with the password 123456. You can go to Control Panel to change your account password if necessary.

Solution 4: Recover Windows 7 password on Dell with Windows Password Recovery

If you have neither another administrator account nor Windows password reset disk, you’d better to recover Windows 7 password on Dell computer with Windows Password Recovery. Just follow the steps below:

1. Download the program on any PC you have access to.
2. Run the downloaded file to install it.
3. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive and remove Windows password with the burned CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive on your locked PC.

If you have any question about using the program please refer to the video guide below: 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Top 5 Tricks to Reset Asus Account Passwords on Windows 7 When Locked Out

Question 1: I have an Asus laptop on Windows 7 and the only administrator user is me. I forgot the password. Is there any way I can get it back because all my photos and music are on the administrator user account?
Question 2: Hi. My daughter changed her password for her Asus windows 7 laptop and has forgotten the password. We have tried everything we can think of and cannot access the laptop making it useless and it is only 2 years old. Needless to say I am very frustrated please can anybody help. 
It’s common that Asus computer users forget their login account password. However most of them have a little knowledge of fixing the Asus login account password forgotten problems. As a result they often have a data loss for improper ways like reinstalling the system. Here I summarize 5 tricks on how to reset or remove Windows 7 account password on Asus according to different situations.

reset asus account passwords on windows 7

Trick 1: Reset Asus User Password on Windows 7 from an Administrator Account

If you forgot your user account password but you have another admin account which has access to the computer. Then you can reset the user account password with the admin account. There are 2 ways to achieve it.

A: Go to the Control Panel to Reset the User Account Password

1. Login your Windows 7 Asus computer with the admin account.
2. Start the Run box (Win+R) and then type in "control userpasswords2" in the box and click Ok.
3. Then the User Accounts window will appear, select the user account you want to reset password of and click “Reset Passwords” button.
4. Input a new password for the target user account, and then key in the password again to confirm it, press “Ok” button.
5. Click “Ok” button on the User Account window to save and finish your operations.

B: Reset the User Account Password from Safe Mode

l  Enter into Advanced Boot Options by pressing F8 key before Windows 7 loading screen appears.
l  Choose Safe Mode at the Advanced Boot Options screen and login with the accessible admin account.
l  Click to Start and enter lusrmgr.msc into the Search box.
l  Double-click “Local Users and Groups”, and then click “Users in the Local Users and Groups”.
l  Right-click the target account we want to reset, and then click “Set Password”.
After finishing the process you can access your computer with the new password.

Trick 2: Reset Asus Password on Windows 7 with Default Administrator Account

If you don’t have another account with privilege right to login then this trick will help you. Windows 7 has a built-in admin account which is disabled by default. Before using this trick you should have enabled the default account in advance, or else it will not work. In case that you have enabled the built-in administrator account you can go straight to Part 2.

Part 1: How to Enable Windows 7 Default Administrator Account
At first it’s necessary for you to aware that running your computer under the built-in administrator account maybe a risk. If you still insist to enable the build-in Administrator account, follow these steps:
1. Type “cmd” in the start search box and then press “Enter”. In the search results list, right-click “cmd”, and then click “Run as Administrator”.
2. At the command prompt window, type net user administrator /active: yes, and then press “Enter”. 
3. Type net user administrator <Password>, and then press ENTER.
Note:  Please replace the <Password> tag with your passwords which you want to set to administrator account.
Type exit and then press “Enter”. Log off the current user account. Then you’re sure to succeed to enable the default administrator account.

Part 2: Reset Asus Password on Windows 7 with Enabled default Administrator Account

1. Start your computer and press "F8" while the computer boots up. The Advanced Boot Options screen appears.
2. Scroll down to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press "Enter." Your computer starts in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

3. Select the Administrator account that appear in the screen, then enter command prompt.

4. Type: net user Mosoh 123456 and enter, it will show you a message that" the command completed successfully.

5. Restart your computer, then you can log in as Mosoh with the password 123456.

Trick 3: Remove Your Asus Account Password on Windows 7 With System Repair Disc

1. Put a CD/DVD disc into a CD-RW, DVD-Combo, and DVD-RW device.
2. Find "Create a system repair disc" by pressing Windows key on the keyboard and typing "create a" in the search box. Next run it.
3. Select the right drive for the disc and click Create disc. You are recommended to use a high-quality CD/DVD burner. It might take a few minutes since 142MB of data will be written into the disc.
4. Insert the repair disc and boot the password-lost computer from it.
5. On the Windows Boot Manager screen, choose “Windows Setup”
6. Next, choose “Command Prompt”.
7. Execute the command line: net user [existingusername] [newpassword] Example: "net user jack 123456".
8. Restart your PC and log back into your Windows with the new password.

Trick4: Use a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk to Help Reset Windows 7 Password on Asus

Part 1: Create a Windows 7 Password Reset Disk
1. Insert a CD/DVD/USB into the drive.
2. Click Start –> Control Panel –> User Accounts and Family Safety –> User Accounts.
3. On the left pane, click “Create a password reset disk”. Then click “Next” and follow the Wizard to create a password reset disk.

Part 2: Reset the Password with the Reset Disk
Now, the Windows 7 password reset disk is created. When we forgot ASUS Windows 7 PC password on the login screen and input an incorrect password, click “Reset Windows Password” and insert the password reset disk. The Password Reset Wizard will guide you create a new password.

Trick 5: Remove Asus Password on Windows 7 with Windows Password Key(

Windows Password Key is a professional tool to reset Windows 7 password. It can help people reset any account passwords for all brands of computers within just 4 minutes. What’s more, it can make sure that you remove the password without any data loss. You can follow the steps below:
Step 1: Download and install the program on a workable computer. Insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Launch this software and click "Burn" to burn a password reset disk.

Step 2: Plug the newly burned disk into your computer. Set BIOS to make this computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB. It will reboot. (Check how to reset BIOS password first if your BIOS is protected with a password)

Step 3: After it fully loads, Windows password key appears. Follow the wizard to reset Asus password on Windows 7.

That is the top 5 tricks to reset Asus account passwords on Windows 7 I want to share with you. Hope to help you well.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Top 5 Methods to Reset an Unknown or Forgotten Bios Password

BIOS is a kind of software situated as a chip in the motherboard of your computer. It is necessary to create a Bios password because it is able to stop someone booting up your computer system or making changes in your computer. But you may come cross the similar problem to “I made a password to get into my BIOS. How do I get into my BIOS if I can't remember my password?” There is no need to worry. There are many known ways to reset an unknown Bios password. Here I will share 5 effective methods with you:

Method 1: Reset Lost Bios Password by Removing CMOS Battery

Removing the CMOS battery is the simplest way to remove a BIOS password. A computer will remember its settings and keep the time even when it is turned off and unplugged because these parts are powered by small battery inside the computer called a CMOS battery. If we pull out this battery, the computer will forget a lot of its hardware settings, including its BIOS password. Please follow the instructions below:

Take out the CMOS battery and wait 10 – 25 minutes before putting it back in. The reason for this wait is because the computer can still store power in its capacitors even though everything is unplugged. The waiting period allows enough time for them to discharge. Plug everything back in, power up the computer and enter the BIOS again. If everything went well there should be no more password. In some cases, if you get weird error messages during boot up now, you will need to go to “Load BIOS Defaults” in BIOS and save the changes to fix them.

If this method didn’t work, try one of the methods below.

Note: This should not be performed on Laptops if you are not experienced working with laptop hardware. Make sure to power down the computer, unplug the power cables and unplug any USB devices if they are powered. The computer must not be able to get power from anywhere for this to work.

Method 2: Use Motherboard Jumper to Remove Forgotten Bios Password

Almost all motherboards contain a jumper that can clear all CMOS settings including the BIOS password. The location of this jumper varies depending upon the motherboard brand. You should read your motherboard manual to check its location. If you don't have the manual then look for the jumpers near the CMOS battery. Most of the manufacturers label the jumper as CLR, CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, etc.

When you find the jumper, look carefully. There will be 3 pins and the jumper will be joining the center pin to either left or right pin. What you need to do, is remove the jumper and join the center pin to the opposite pin. e.g. if the jumper joins center pin to left pin, then remove it and join center pin to right pin. Now wait for a few seconds and then again remove the jumper and join the center pin to left pin.

Note: Make sure to turn the PC off before opening the cabinet and resetting the jumper.

Method 3: Performing the Process of Resetting Bios Password with MS DOS Command

The precondition of this method is that you can get into the system when it’s turned on, because this method requires MS DOS.
Open Command Prompt from Programs menu and type in following commands according to the sequence below:
o 70 2E
o 71 FF
After type in the commands above and restart your system. You will reset the CMOS Settings along with the BIOS password successfully.

NOTE: The first character in the above commands is English alphabet "o" and not the number “0”.

Method 4: Take Use of CMOSPwd to Reset Unknown Bios Password

CmosPwd can help us to remove the password directly from the command prompt. It works under Dos, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Linux, FreeBSD, and NetBSD. Detailed steps are as follows:
Step 1: Down CmosPwd and unpack the contents of the file in C disk.
Step 2: Get into Windows Start menu, input cmd in the search box and then press enter.
Step 3: When the Dos prompt appears, type in “c:\cmospwd-5.0\windows\”, and then press enter.
Step 4: Type “ioperm–i” and press enter.
Step 5: Now write the command “cmospwd_win /k” and press enter.
Step 6: Choose the second option by pressing 2, and then enter again.
Note: This program only works with the following BIOS:
ACER/IBM BIOS, AMI BIOS, AMI WinBIOS 2.5, Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0, Compaq (1992), Compaq (New version), IBM (PS/2, Activa, Thinkpad), Packard Bell, Phoenix 1.00.09.AC0 (1994), a486 1.03, 1.04, 1.10 A03, 4.05 rev 1.02.943, 4.06 rev 1.13.1107, Phoenix 4 release 6 (User), Gateway Solo - Phoenix 4.0 release 6, Toshiba, Zenith AMI.

Method 5: With Backdoor BIOS Password

It is said that many computer manufacturers create backdoor passwords for their own technicians to use so they can access the BIOS when the hardware is being serviced. Here are some backdoor bios passwords that have been reported:
AMI BIOS Passwords:
AWARD BIOS Passwords:
shift + syxz

Misc Common Passwords:
Other Manufacturer BIOS Passwords:
Biostar - Biostar
Compaq - Compaq
Dell - Dell
Enox - xo11nE
Epox - central
Freetech - Posterie
IWill - iwill
Jetway - spooml
Packard Bell - bell9
Siemens - SKY_FOX
Toshiba - Toshiba
VOBIS & IBM - merlin
Note: All these passwords are case-sensitive and are changed from time to time by manufacturers.

You can choose one from the five methods above to reset or remove your lost bios password. Please read the notes with care before performing the instructions. If you forgot your Windows 7 login password, then you can get Windows Password Key to remove lost or forgotten Windows 7 login password.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Top 4 Third-party Tools to Break Windows 7 Login Password

Question 1: I forgot my password for my windows 7 laptop and need help to log in to it.
Question 2: My son put a password on my new laptop which has windows 7 and he forgot the password. How can I do to break it?
Question 3: How to reset the password that has been forgotten? I cannot open the system and my administrator account is disabled. How can I change the password? I will be thankful that if you give me the idea.
It often happened to us that we forgot password on Windows 7. This is because we often set a complex password in case of being used by others. If you are facing similar problem, there is no need to worry. I will share 4 third-party tools to break your password Windows 7.

1. Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is the fastest, easiest tool to break lost administrator and user passwords on any Windows system without reformatting or reinstalling your system. It burns windows password key to CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive, thus reset administrator and user passwords on windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7, XP, VISTA, Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2). It comes with three versions (Standard, Professional and Enterprise). You can choose one accordingly. The instructions about how to use it are as follows:

l  Download Windows Password Key on another accessible computer.
l  Run the downloaded file and install it.
l  Burn a password reset disk with Windows Password Key. 
l  Break your windows 7 password with the burned disk above.

NoteDifferent version differs in the process of breaking lost Windows 7 password. Please read “how to use” on Windows 7 Password Key( carefully.

2. Ophcrack

Ophcrack is by far the best free available Windows password recovery tool. It is an open source Windows password recovery tool bases on rainbow tables. The program contains the ability to import the hashes from a variety of formats, including dumping directly from the SAM files of Windows. It is claimed that these tables can crack 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords up to 14 characters in a few minutes.

Note: 1. Some antivirus programs mistakenly identify Ophcrack as a Trojan or virus; 2. 649 MB (8/7/Vista) / 425 MB (XP) LiveCD ISO image must be downloaded;3. Passwords greater than 14 characters cannot be cracked

3. Password Unlocker

This fast and effective Windows password recovery tool can reset local and domain passwords via CD/DVD or USB flash drive on most Windows systems. Besides, you can create a new administrator account or change Windows passwords easily.

Note: Windows Password Unlocker Standard doesn't support Windows 2008 (R2)/2003(R2)/2000 servers

4. Windows Password Killer

Windows password killer is professional password recovery software that enables you to break your password in two steps. Besides password recovery function, the program even supports changing local admin/user/domain admin password and creating a new administrator account via CD/DVD/USB flash drive. This unity comes with 4 editions for you.

Note: Windows Password Killer doesn't support Windows server 2012.

As far as I’m concerned, of the top 4 tools to break Windows 7 password(, Windows Password Key is the most effective software. It can guarantee you a complete success without losing any data in your computer.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Top 4 Methods on How to Unlock Windows 7 Password Quickly

“I forgot the Windows 7 Password to my computer, how can I do to reset or unlock it? Please help me, I badly need to use the important data in my computer”. It often happens that Windows 7 Password is forgotten for many reasons .It is frustrating that forgotten password stops you from finishing your job on time. Here I would like to share some practical solutions on how to unlock Windows 7 password( with you.

Solution 1: Reinstall Your Windows 7 Operating System
The most primitive method is to reinstall your Windows 7 operating system. If there is no important file in your C disk and you have no idea about how to get the lost password back or reset it, you can use this method.

Solution 2: Unlock Windows 7 Admin Password from Safe Mode
Windows 7 system has a built-in administrator account that is created during Windows installation and disable by default, which has no password in it. You need to enable that account before forgetting your other admin account password. Otherwise your built-in administrator account won’t appear in the screen in this tip.

Step1: Start your win 7 computer and press “F8″ while the computer boots up. Scroll down to “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press “Enter.” Your computer starts in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
Step2: Select the Administrator account that appear in the screen, then enter command prompt. Type: net user ****** 123456 and enter (****** is the account name and 123456 is the new password), it will show you a message that” the command completed successfully.
Step3: Restart your win 7 computer, then you can log in as ****** with the password 123456. You can go to control Panel to change your account password if necessary.

Solution 3: Unlock Windows 7 Password with Windows 7 Password Reset Disk
Password reset disk only works on condition that you have created it before losing the account password. Therefore, you had better to create this win 7 password reset disk when you set up an account. Here is how to unlock windows 7 password with password reset disk.

Step 1: While typing a wrong win 7 password, a password hint will appear. Click “Reset password “, it will show you the Password Reset Wizard.
Step 2: Click NEXT and select your disk drive to reset the password with a new one.
Step 3: Then you can use the new password to log in your win 7 PC.

Solution 4: Unlock Password Windows 7 with Windows Password
In this situation you need to download Windows Password Key to unlock the lost windows 7 password.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key in another accessible PC.
Step 2: Run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Key Standard. You can install it on any PC you have access to.
Step 3:  Windows Start menu - From your Microsoft Windows Start Programs menu, select Windows Password Key Standard, it will be launched automatically.
Step 4: Using a Windows Password Key bootable CD/DVD to reset Windows password or using a Windows Password Key bootable USB Flash Drive to reset windows password. 

Of all the four solutions to unlock Windows 7 Password above, Windows Password Key is one of the best choices for you to crack your lost password .It is easier and safer to use You can have a try.

Friday, May 9, 2014

How to Recover Windows 7 Password If you forgot it?

Many Windows 7 users may have at least one account to login the PC, and they set Windows 7 login password for every account which can cause that they forgot the Windows 7 login password or they complex the passwords. Just like Mr. Smith said:”My family has a computer with Windows 7, I use the computer to finish my work, and my daughter finishes her homework, my wife use it to watch videos, I set different account and login passwords for them, but at last, I forgot all login passwords. It is terrible, what should I do?”
If you have the same problem, no panic, there are several solutions to recover your lost Windows 7 password

recover Windows 7 login password

Solution 1: Windows 7 password recovery with password recovery disk
When you set a Windows password for your PC, Windows will alert you to create a password disk, if you have created one, Congratulation! You can recover Windows 7 password simple. Only follow the instructions below.
If you type the wrong password, a message will alert you and you can recover password by recovery disk. Then you need to insert the recovery disk that you have created before. Follow the prompts to create a new password for PC.

Solution 2: Recover Windows 7 password by command prompt
This is an easy way to recover Windows login password.
1. First, you should Login your Windows 7 as administrator and click on Start, type “cmd” in the Run box or Search box and press Enter.
2. Type net user, all user accounts on your computer will be listed. Type net user "User Name" "New Password"(replace User Name and New Password with yours), press Enter. Then the password will be reset as the new one and you can login Windows 7 with it.

Solution 3: Use 3rd-party program to recover Windows 7 password
1. Download and install “Windows Recovery Key” from you can type on Google to find this program)
2. Burn to start burning a Windows 7 password reset disk. You need to choose a boot disk device.
recover forgotten Windows 7 password

3. Insert this Windows 7 reset disk to the locked computer. And reboot this computer from CD/DVD/USB.
4: The program allows you to recover Windows 7 administrator password. Choose the Windows 7 account that need resetting password and click “reset”. You also can create a new password.
5: Restart your computer to active the operation.

There are 3 solutions to recover Windows 7 password. According to your problem choose one solution to recover password. And Windows Password Key is highly praised, you can have a try.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Forgot Computer Password Windows 7 No Reset Disk? How to Unlock it?

For our Windows 7 users, it happens regularly when we forgot or lost computer password. Have you ever come across forgotten Windows 7 password just as the following:

“I forgot computer password or lost laptop login password without reset disk, is there any way to get into it? This is on a Asus windows 7 laptop.” From Hammer. 
Degine :“Lost Windows 7 Dell PC password? I am wonder about how to recover it? “
“I have lost Windows 7 password to Acer computer? What is the best way to access my computer easily without forgotten password?” From Moris.
Bane:“I forgot my HP computer windows 7 administrator login password how to open it?”
“How can I reset my Toshiba computer Windows 7 user password if I couldn't remember the password?” From Jean.

forgot computer windows 7 password

To be honest, it is not difficult to unlock Windows 7 password. If you forgot password on Windows 7, likely you would lock out of Win 7 computer. For most PC user, they have no idea when the computer is still not accessible. Luckily however, I finally get some useful solutions after searching on Internet. Here I would like to share my experience on how to reset computer Windows 7 user or admin password to regain access to PC with all of you.

Indeed, free Windows 7 computer password reset tool can really helpful and it can help you hack into your locked win 7 system. Ophcrack and Offline NT Password Editor are very popular especially for IT expert. However, Ophcrack can only crack a password less than 14 characters, while Offline NT may destroy your win 7 system if you don’t operate it properly. So here I would like to share the best Windows 7 password reset tool - Windows Password Key Enterprise with you. I am sure that you can regain access to your computer in less than 4 minutes no matter how long and complex your password is. Moreover, it is easy to use for computer newbie.

Step 1: Download Windows Password Key from
Then install and launch it on another available PC. Inset a USB flash drive into it. Click "Burn" to burn a recovery disk for Windows 7.

burn windows password key
Step 2: Insert the newly created USB drive to the locked Windows 7 computer. Set USB drive as the first boot device in BIOS setup. This computer will reboot.

Step 3: After Windows Password Key loads, follow the interface to unlock computer Windows 7 login password and login in without password.

After reading this post, you should have learned how to reset Windows 7 password with Windows Password Key when you forgot or lost the password. If not, read it again. By the way, you can also reset computer Windows 8.1/8/Vista/XP password as this method.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Get a New Win 7 PC in Win 8 Era?

What do you think about Windows 8? Is it “divisive”? Microsoft's finger-first, device-agnostic reimagining of Windows draws haters like flies and has played some part—how large a part is up in the air—in driving PC sales off a cliff since its launch. Even so, Microsoft isn't backing down, and Windows 8 and its Live Tiles are darn near ubiquitous in stores. However, are we hostages to Microsoft’s hubris? As we already know, Windows 7 is by no means gone and dead while Windows 8 indeed lurks inside the vast majority of consumer PCs sold today. As a matter of fact, we can have the choice of operating system, which takes a little digging.

Method 1: Buy a Prebuilt PC

Maybe you will get surprise that the consumer Windows 7 PC often priced somewhat higher than comparable Windows 8 PC.

It is know to all that the end-of-sales date for computers with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate is October 31, 2014. Therefore, just hurry up if you need a consumer computer packing Windows 7 operating system. Except for that, what you can purchase may only be the purchase business-focused laptops and desktops powered by Windows 7 Professional. Worst still, those can cost numerous pretty pennies. As a matter of fact, Windows 7 PC price higher and higher. This is because many indows 7 PCs available today already aiming at the Professional version. Dell, Lenovo, HP, and other mainstream PC makers reside in the business category still sold all Windows 7 computer. Outique PC builders, such as Origin and Falcon Northwest, also offer Windows 7 as an option for their built-to-order rigs. But those custom, drool-worthy computers start out expensive and only go up—way, way, way up—from there.

Therefore, you should consider searching for one that has Windows 7 Professional installed using the downgrade rights from a Windows 8 Pro license if you are shopping for a prebuilt PC. In other words, just search for "Windows 7 downgrade" on your e-tailer of choice. In this way, you won't have to pay for a new Windows license if you ever decide to upgrade to Windows 8 or 8.1, thought we’ll talk more about downgrade rights in a bit.

Method 2: Roll Your Own PC

Here are bad news and good news. Hmm, we begin at good news first. The good news is E-tailers apparently stockpiled Windows 7 licenses by the bucketful before Microsoft cut off access. Finding boxed copies of Windows 7 online is dead simple. Even better, Windows 7 Home Premium still sells for its recommended $100 MSRP. Unlike hardware pre-stuffed with Windows 7, there's been no price inflation on the software front.
The bad news is the deadline has passed for buying standalone, boxed OEM copies of Windows 7. Everyday folks simply can't get them from Microsoft anymore.

In the consideration that you are able to fin boxed copies of Windows XP online, then wish to find Windows 7 on sale for a while, though its cost is sure to creep up as availability dwindles over time. Just think twice what you are buying. In fact, some third-party sellers offer "open box" copies of Microsoft's operating system. Steer clear of those. While despondent Windows 8 owners can install a fresh copy of Windows 7 on their PCs, this option is more likely to appeal to folks cobbling together a DIY computer from the power supply on up.

Method 3: Downgrade Windows 8 Pro

If you are not fond of Windows 8 but want a new laptop that comes with Windows 8 preinstalled, it’s possible to switch back to Windows 7 without having to reformat.
If you buying a PC loaded with Windows Pro, the version of Windows designed for business, you can utilize “downgrade rights” to downgrade it to Windows 7 for free. And individual users will have to jump through a number of hoops to downgrade their Windows 8 Pro systems.


That is all, if you have any more good tips on these aspect, please don’t hesitate to share with us.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Reset Windows 7 Login Password for Acer Laptop?

Many Acer users come across lost or forgotten Windows 7 password( problems when using Win 7. You probably hear people complaining how to reset Acer Windows 7 password or reset Acer Windows 7 to factory settings. If your friend asks you such questions, you must be in need of knowing these Acer Windows 7 password recovery tips.

There are several solutions if you forgot password Acer laptop Windows 7. You can have a comparison among them.

Part I: The Way of Acer Windows 7 Password Reset

Method 1: Use Windows 7 password reset disk to recover Acer password

If you have created an Acer computer password retrieval disk for your locked account, you can use it to reset the password. Just three steps: Firstly, log on your Acer computer with the target Windows account and then enter a wrong password in the welcome screen password box, and hit Enter. Secondly, insert the Acer password reset disk in locked computer and then click "Reset password". Thirdly, follow the steps in the Password Reset wizard to finish resetting Acer password.

Method 2: Use Acer Windows 7 admin account

Since administrator account can create, change a password for any account, you can use an account which has administrator privilege. But if you are the only user in your computer, you should pass this method.

Step 1: Click "Start" button, type "lusrmgr.msc" in the Search box and press "Enter" key.
Step 2: Double-click the Users folder, and all user accounts will be listed. Then right-click a user account which you want to reset its password and select "Set Password".
Now, you must figure out the first one is the most effective among them. What's more, it's compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003, Server 2000 etc.

Method 3: Use Acer Windows 7 Password Recovery

Is there any choice to reset Acer Windows 7 password? Surely a better method is waiting for you—using Windows Password Key. It can reset Windows for both administrator and other user accounts on any Acer laptop running Windows 7, like the following list shows.

Acer Aspire E1
Acer One
Acer A
Acer Aspire V5
Acer Aspire V3
Acer AOD
Acer AS
Acer Iconia W7
Acer TravelMate P
Acer Iconia W5
New Acer C7
Acer AO
Acer 11.6
Acer Aspire E1
Acer TravelMate B

With Windows Password Key, what you need is just another available computer and a USB flash drive or a blank CD/DVD to do Acer password reset in Windows 7.

Part II: The Way to Reset Acer Windows 7 to Factory Settings

Most people choose to reset Acer Windows 7 administrator password or other user password since it can avoid reinstalling the system. While other people who want to reset Acer Windows 7 to factory settings, this may be because the computer was struck by a virus, or it may be because they are selling computer and they want to make sure their personal information can’t be retrieved by the person they are selling to. Let’s move to the procedure.

All you need to reset Acer Windows 7 to factory settings is a recovery disk.
1. Download System rescue CD (other CD distribution may also work).
2. Use Unetbootin (or some other software) to burn it to CD, DVD or USB drive.
3. Insert it in your laptop, boot it.
There are two modes to boot:
4a. Some computers will automatically boot from external media.
4b. Hit esc (or whatever it tells you to) to get to boot menu and find option to select what to boot.
5. Once you boot your CD/DVD/USB you should see a menu, if you get copyright info, just start over.
6. In the menu select Super grub disk use option to find OS.
7. Select OS it finds to boot it.
8. Once you get back into your system, go to disk management and set system partition active.
Please note that once you restore your pc to factory settings, you will get data loss or other pc problems such as partition deleted, blue screen when pc starts, pc freezes, etc.

That is all. Hope the above Acer Windows 7 password reset solutions can help all of you.

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