Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Login as Admin Windows 10 in Lenovo Laptop

If you have set a administrator account on your Windows 10 Lenovo laptop, but you forgot its password accidently, how to login Windows 10 admin account is difficult for us. Below we can get answers for the admin password recovery.

How to login locked Windows 10 Lenovo laptop as admin from using Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is such a all in one Windows password recovery tool on Google. It can help you reset all versions Windows password in just 3 steps.
Step 1: Download Windows Password Key and install it on any accessible computer.

Step 2: Using the prepared CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows Password Key on it. Then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. Starting the computer from the disk.
Step 3: Choosing the admin account that you want to recover or reset password, after that, restarting computer, you can login as admin quickly.

How to use admin account to login Windows 10

Step 1: On here to right click on the desktop computer-properties, then select Control Panel Home.

Step 2: In the category, select the large icon. After that, select management tools.
Step 3: Here to select computer management and double click local users and groups.

Step 4: Then double-click the users folder and double-click the administrator account.
Step 5: Now to untick the check box in front of accounts have been disabled, click on the Apply button. After that the administrator accounts enable success.

How to create a Windows password reset disk
Step 1: We prepared USB stick inserted on a Win computer, then click on the desktop the computer see if u are displayed correctly.

Step 2: Click on the Windows 10 system of the start menu, select Control Panel, click on the Control Panel, user accounts and family safety.
Step 3: Click user accounts under user accounts and family safety Windows. Directly click on the left side of the window user account "to create a password reset disk".

Step 4: When clicked, enter the forgotten password Wizard, click next to continue
We just plugged into your computer's USB drive and then click Next.
Step 5: Creating password reset disks you need to enter the current system password, and then click Next.

Step 6: After clicking, you are prompted to create a password reset disk, and then wait until the progress display 100% click Next.
Step 7: To this we have successfully created a password reset disk, can't remember the password when the computer, you can insert the password reset disk USB flash drive to reset your password.

In the end, we have learned top 2 ways about how to login as admin in Windows 10 Lenovo laptop. Having you mastered this easy method?

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