Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to Break Administrator Password in Windows 7 without Login

Lost or forgot Windows 7 password and locked out of Windows 7 computer. Take it easy, here we can learn how to fix Windows 7 password break without login. See more details as below.
How to use Windows Password Key to break Windows 7 administrator password in easy way
Windows Password Key is the Windows password remove tool that main at Windows lost or forgot password recovery. Also we can use that tool to break Windows 7 administrator password in only 3 steps. See more details as below.

Step1: Download and install Windows Password Key on any accessible computer.
Step2: Using a CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Key on it, then insert the newly created disk to Windows 7 computer that you lost or forgot password.

Step3: Choosing the account that you need to recover password, after that, restart your Windows 7 computer.
After only 3 simple steps, your Windows 7 administrator password has recovereysuccessfully.

Refer to the following method to break Windows 7 administrator password
Method one:
Step1: If the computer boots to the Welcome screen when I saw the prompt box appears, enter your user name and password, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, the account window will pop up, enter the user name: administrator, then press enter.

Step2: If the administrator account has a password, then Windows 7 system press F8 when starting, select "safe mode with command line", then select "Administrator" and then pops up the "Command Prompt" window, enter the following code (ASD represents the newly added system administrator account name, according to the individual set):
User: NET user
L administrator: net localgroup administrators.

Step3: Then restart the computer, select ASD after user enters, followed by enters "control panel--------user account forgotten password-do-delete key."

Method two:

Step1: Because the cmd in the system directory, file changes must first take ownership of a file. Method is: open "C:/" (assumed Windows 7 system is installation in e disc, then mouse right hit "Narrator.exe", followed by select "permission"-senior--owner ", will current Windows 7 Xia administrator account set for owner (if in list no current account words, on click" other account ", manual entered current account name), click" determine "returns permission set window, click" added "button, The current administrator account to add to the list, and setting account read permissions on the file to "full control";

Step2: Then continued with the same steps above, set the current account on "cmd.exe" permissions to full control, and then "Narrator.exe" renamed to "narrator1.exe", "cmd.exe" renamed to "Narrator.exe";

Step3: And (if is to administrator account login of on without this a step has) heavy Kai login Windows7, in login interface click right Xia angle of "easily access" button, in open of window hook selected "started tells people" option, at started of is cmd window has (is to System identity opened of, so natural has administrator permission), then in cmd entered following of command opened administrator account, Can be used to restart the administrator: the net it is forced open the net user administrator account that is forcing the user administrator password to 123456;

Step4: The administrator account is not available, then create a new one and administrator permissions of the user, and then log on again to restart the Windows7, in the login screen, click the lower right corner of the "ease of access" button in the open window check the "Start Narrator", start the cmd window, type: NET user admin return; net localgroupa administrators’ Carriage return;

Step5: Finally, restart your computer, access the Admin account you can boot.
That method is much complex for me to understand, you can choose which method is much better for you.

After reading that, have you got how to break administrator password in Windows 7 without login in easy way? If not, you can read again. Good luck to you.

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