Friday, February 26, 2016

[Solved] How Do I Reset Windows 8.1 Administrator’s User Password from Local Account?

“For a long time, I am sure that I have a good memory to remember numbers and things. But recently, I begin to doubt that whether I am lack of memory or not. I can't imagine that I forgot the login password of my Windows 8.1 Toshiba laptop. I have no idea about how to get the password back, and also I try to search online but I get nothing about it. How do I reset Windows 8.1 administrator user password for a local account? Does anyone know how? Please tell me, thank you very much.”

Lost the Windows 8.1 local admin password is a usual problem when the Windows users are suggested to build an intricate combination of numbers and letters to keep safe, and what’s more, the fact is that you couldn't login into the Windows 8.1. Therefore, you are so frustrated about it. Fortunately, there are several suggestions for Windows 8.1 users to reset login password, no matter the lost password account is admin account or normal account, no matter it is local account or domain account. Now let’s see how to reset Windows 8.1 admin user password from a local account.

Alternative 1: Reset Windows 8.1 Admin Password with Reset Disc

There are lots of alternatives for Microsoft Windows 8.1 users to reset the local login password and then get back to use the computer as usual. To make use of Windows 8.1 password reset is none of them. If you have built a reset disk before losing or forgetting login password. The process is not so difficult.
Step 1: Simply insert the password reset disk to the Windows 8.1 personal desktop or laptop.
Step 2: Type the wrong password to active the “Reset password” link, which is appeared in the login careen.
Step 3: Enter the next step and then follow the tips to build a new login password for Windows 8.1.

Alternative 2: Windows 8.1 Admin Password Reset with Microsoft Account

If you use the Microsoft account to login to Windows 8.1 computer, and then you forget the password, you might as well reset the password with Microsoft password reset center. Usually this login information included email address and a password. If you can’t remember it, you can send a password reset requirement to the email address as long as you know how to login the email. So it is similar with the website login account password reset. After resetting the password, you can use it to login Windows 8.1 computer again.

Alternative 3: Reset Password Windows 8.1 Admin Account with Password Key

Just like you need the key to open the door, there is also a password key you can use to unlock Windows 8.1 computer, which is named Windows Password Key. This program has been created for more than five years and as time goes by, it is more and more professional. It is loved by so many famous. It supports all Windows OS and you can see how to use it as below. It has 4 versions, which are Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. To get more information, you can visit HERE.
Step 1: Download and install this Windows 8.1 password key to another laptop. Then open it with double click.
Step 2: Select the CD/DVD/USB and insert the flash drive to burn a bootable Windows 8.1 password reset disk. Then close the software.
Step 3: Insert the drive to your locked Windows 8.1 computer and then reboot it and then change the BIOS setting to launch it from your drive. Then restart it again.
Step 4: At this time, you will see the software. Just choose the admin account that is locked and then reset it forever. Finally, you can use the new password to login the computer.

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