Friday, May 9, 2014

How to Recover Windows 7 Password If you forgot it?

Many Windows 7 users may have at least one account to login the PC, and they set Windows 7 login password for every account which can cause that they forgot the Windows 7 login password or they complex the passwords. Just like Mr. Smith said:”My family has a computer with Windows 7, I use the computer to finish my work, and my daughter finishes her homework, my wife use it to watch videos, I set different account and login passwords for them, but at last, I forgot all login passwords. It is terrible, what should I do?”
If you have the same problem, no panic, there are several solutions to recover your lost Windows 7 password

recover Windows 7 login password

Solution 1: Windows 7 password recovery with password recovery disk
When you set a Windows password for your PC, Windows will alert you to create a password disk, if you have created one, Congratulation! You can recover Windows 7 password simple. Only follow the instructions below.
If you type the wrong password, a message will alert you and you can recover password by recovery disk. Then you need to insert the recovery disk that you have created before. Follow the prompts to create a new password for PC.

Solution 2: Recover Windows 7 password by command prompt
This is an easy way to recover Windows login password.
1. First, you should Login your Windows 7 as administrator and click on Start, type “cmd” in the Run box or Search box and press Enter.
2. Type net user, all user accounts on your computer will be listed. Type net user "User Name" "New Password"(replace User Name and New Password with yours), press Enter. Then the password will be reset as the new one and you can login Windows 7 with it.

Solution 3: Use 3rd-party program to recover Windows 7 password
1. Download and install “Windows Recovery Key” from you can type on Google to find this program)
2. Burn to start burning a Windows 7 password reset disk. You need to choose a boot disk device.
recover forgotten Windows 7 password

3. Insert this Windows 7 reset disk to the locked computer. And reboot this computer from CD/DVD/USB.
4: The program allows you to recover Windows 7 administrator password. Choose the Windows 7 account that need resetting password and click “reset”. You also can create a new password.
5: Restart your computer to active the operation.

There are 3 solutions to recover Windows 7 password. According to your problem choose one solution to recover password. And Windows Password Key is highly praised, you can have a try.

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